Georgui I. Kuzmenkov

Small businessman Georgui I. Kuzmenkov Proposes various effective and valuable courses of English & Spanish languagues.

Selection of programs and studies are strictly individual.

High speed and quality of education. We appreciate any small success of the students.

The teacher takes into consideration the age, profession, inclinations, desires, the level of knowledge, Everything that is important for the student.

We guarantee a lot of courses of your personal choice. It depends preferably on you.

  1. Preparation for the Centrlised Testing.
  2. Preparations for any kind of examinations at school, college or any institution of higher learning.
  3. Teaching for success in TOEFL & IELTS examinations.
  4. Control or test papers.
  5. Teaching of students. Improving of academic results.
  6. Teaching of schoolchildren. Improving of academic results.
  7. Teaching of children and adults for going abroad.
  8. Small translations (simple and difficult).English-Spanish-Russian
  9. Oral communications. Russian- English- Spanish
  10. Proffesional terminology.
  11. .Special goals courses.

Literature to be used:

  • “Oxford University Press”
  • “Macmillan”
  • “Express Publishing”
  • “Cambridge University Press”
  • “Longman”,etc.-UK
  • And the best manuals of Russia and Belarus.
  • Audio and visual materials.

I wish you successful and pleasant work.

The teacher is ready for any sincere co-operation.